Are you religious?
Yes. I am very religious.
What religion are you?
I am a Muslim.
I have a neighbor who is Muslim. He is a very nice man.
Most Muslims try to be nice. That is what we are taught.
Are you religious?
Yes. I come from a religious family.
What religion are you?
I am a Christian.
Which denomination?
I am a Latter-day Saint.
I've never heard of them.
There aren’t a lot of us, but we try to get along with everyone.
That’s good. It’s pretty foolish to fight about religion.
I agree. As long as the religion is teaching the believers to do good things then I don’t have a problem.
I have a co-worker who is Jewish. We get along fine.
That’s good. I play football with a Chinese man and his family is Buddhist.
I know a Buddhist as well. He meditates a lot.
It seems to me that you can find good people in every religion.
That’s true.
Would I be allowed to visit your mosque sometime?
Yes. You can visit. Can I visit the Latter-day Saint church?
Yes. Visitors are welcome.
Then you can come on Friday to the Mosque and I’ll come to church on Sunday this week.
Sounds good.

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