Hey Tina.
Hello Kate.
I heard that you and Bill are dating. Is that true?
Well, we have been out a few times.
Good for you. Are you getting more serious?
We spoke last night and we decided we want to go slow.
That’s smart.
I agree. He just had a bad breakup with a girl he dated for a long time so he wants to take things slow.
I forgot he was dating someone. What was her name?
Oh yea. I heard that was a messy breakup.
I don’t know the details but I’m just glad it’s over.
Bill is a great guy. You are lucky.
Thanks. What about you? How are things with Tom?
Things are good. We have been dating for six months now.
So things are getting pretty serious?
Yes. You could say that.
Wonderful! Well, do you have plans this weekend?
Not yet.
You and Bill should come on a double date with me and Tom.
That would be fun. What are your plans?
We are going to get dinner and go to a movie.
Okay! I’ll talk to Bill about it and let you know.
Alright, see you later.

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