What are you doing right now?
I was discussing about politics.
Oh, then what are your political beliefs?
I believe that democracy is great, since we could have a small part in running our country.
Me too, but how do you feel about our politicians?
I think they do well in our government, and I definitely agree with some of their ideas.
Do you think Obama would be serve another term in 2012?
I don’t really know because there are other good candidates that support my beliefs.
Politics are complicated and stressful, as politicians have to make big decisions.
Yes, who is your favorite politician?
I don’t have a favorite politician since I’m not really involved with politics.
Oh really?
It’s because my life right now is stable with the current conditions.
I think we should still get involved in politics and provide our own suggestions.
Yes, we could support the ones who believe in our ideals.
Yeah, we could voice our opinions.
There would be important changes in their choices.
So we have to be very supportive of politicians.
Yes, we should.
I’m going to take a part in politics, as I know relatives who could help me.
So do I. Do you want to go hear an interview with a politician?
Yeah, I heard it’s on the radio.
Okay, and he would be answering questions from listeners.
Wow, that’s awesome.
Let’s go hear about what he’ll say.

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