What's your favorite kind of movie?
I like drama.
Do you? I like science fiction!
I like science fiction too!
What's your favorite kind of story?
I love alien stories.
I agree, those are scary!
Have you ever seen that movie about a girl and a wizard?
Yeah, she gets lost in a tornado and wakes up in a strange new land.
No, never heard of it.
It's really good. She has to walk on a yellow brick road to find her way home.
Does she ever do it?
Yeah. But it turns out it was all a dream!
That's dumb.
No, it works.
What is the name of the movie?
I don't remember! Something about a wizard's name.
If you ever remember it, let me know!
Oh, I will!
You should look the name up online!
Good idea!
You can use a search engine.
Thanks! I bet I find the name that way!
Remember to tell me, when you find it!
I'll call you first!

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