Hi there.
Hi, it's good to see you.
Likewise. What's new?
Nothing very exciting. What's new with you?
Well, I'm trying to become a standup comedian.
That's awesome!
Yeah, I'm excited about it.
So have you performed anywhere yet?
Yeah, I just did my first show at the Comedy Shack.
How did it go?
It went alright.
The first time must be hard.
Yeah, I was pretty nervous. Next time will be better.
So who are your comedy influences?
Ah, there are so many.
Well, name a few that most influenced you.
All of the comedy greats like Pryor, Carlin, Kaufman, and so on.
What about recent comedians who you would like to be compared to?
Some new comedians I think are really funny are Anthony Jeselnik and Rob Delaney.
I've never heard of them. It must be tough because humor is so subjective.
Yeah, seriously. Some of my favorite jokes didn't get many laughs.
Well don't let it discourage you. I've always said you were funny.
Thanks. Listen, I gotta go.
Alright. Let me know next time you're performing.
I absolutely will. Bye!
See ya!

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