Wow, this festival is tons of fun.
Yeah, I’m so glad we came. I’ve had so much cotton candy.
I had three hot dogs today!
Wow. That’s a lot. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten sick.
Me too, especially after riding that spinning ride.
That was a lot of fun! I liked the ferris wheel, too.
Yeah, you could see for miles and miles at the top!
Yeah, It’s a good thing we’re not scared of heights.
Yeah. I loved getting my fortune told, that was cool.
It was probably a scam, but it was fun, anyway!
Yeah. We should go to that concert stage later.
Yeah, I’ve been hearing some good music all day from there.
Festivals are so cool.
Yeah, I agree. Let’s go see if we can find our friends.
Okay. I think I saw them at the arcade.
But we already went to the arcade. I thought it was boring.
Yeah, so did i. Let’s just go back to the food section.
Don’t they have some cool gift shops, too?
Yeah, I think they do. I want a necklace.
I want to get some souvenirs.
Yeah, I want to get some cool things for my friends.
Maybe we should go play some games and win some stuff for our friends.
That would be fun! Those games are hard, though.
It’s worth a shot!
Alright, let’s go!

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