Hey, have you been on Facebook lately?
Yeah, I use Facebook every day.
Me too. It’s an awesome social networking site.
I have so many friends on my account.
Wow, you’re pretty popular
You can find so many people who can relate to you on Facebook.
I know right.
It’s also very simple for having either a like or dislike button to rate something.
I just play a lot of games on Facebook.
Yes, they’re addicting.
I could play Facebook games for a long time.
And talk to your friends.
There’s also a huge amount of people who have Facebook accounts.
It’s becoming a standard hobby in my life.
I feel the same way.
I’m going to use Facebook to notify people about special events.
So am I, since many of the people I know are friends with me on Facebook.
This just shows how popular Facebook is.
I go on Facebook more than a few times per day, just to check on friends.
Yeah, so do I.
I’m going on to Facebook right now.
Okay, me too.
You want to add me on Facebook now?
Sure, I’ll be on soon.
I will be waiting.

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