I can't wait until my birthday this weekend.
Me too, your birthday was awesome last year.
I hope this year is going to be better.
That's hard to accomplish.
I know, but I have a feeling that it would.
Birthdays only happen once a year, so it should be really awesome.
Yes, so I'm hoping for something great.
Are you having a giant cake?
Yes, and hopefully a lot of gifts.
Maybe, but you shouldn't be expecting too much.
It's all about celebrating the day of your birth!
This year is also going to have a lot of people at your party.
I know my friends are preparing to give me a big surprise.
How would you know?
They're horrible at keeping secrets.
But they can't help it.
The more I think about my birthday, the more I get excited.
So do I.
I think my parents planned out the whole party already.
Your sister is also going to do something special at your party.
My sister is incredibly nice, so I wouldn't be surprised.
Every year just gets better and better.
You are very right.
Okay then, see you at your birthday party.
See you later.

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