at the grocer's

Hello, welcome to Smith’s Grocer.
Hi, I was wondering about your sales?
We have a special on all dairy products and chips.
Oh good. I need a few dairy products.
We also have a sale on Campbell’s soup products.
Thank you for the information. Can you help me find a few items?
Certainly. Do you have your groceries list?
Yes. I have my list right here.
What are you buying?
I need eggs, milk, cheese, bread, and apples.
The milk and cheese will be in the dairy section.
Where is the dairy section?
The dairy section is at the back of the store.
Thank you. Where can I find bread?
You can find bread on easel 5.
Okay. The last item is apples.
That will be in the fruit section.
Where is the fruit section?
It is on the right side of the store. You can’t miss it.
Do you have red apples?
Yes. We have red, green, and golden delicious apples.
Thank you. Can I get a shopping cart?
Yes, shopping carts are at the front of the store.
Ok, I will go grab one.
Okay. You can check out at the front of the store when you are ready.
Thanks for your help.
You’re welcome.

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