at the butcher's

Hi, what can I get for you?
Yes. What are your specials?
Today ground beef is half price.
Oh. I don’t need ground beef.
What can I get for you instead?
I would like to buy sandwich meats.
Okay, which meats do you want and how much?
I would like some sliced turkey.
Okay. How many grams?
Hmm…how much for a kilogram of sliced turkey?
Seven starlings for a kilogram
Oh wow. That is expensive. I will take 200 grams.
Okay, anything else?
Yes. May I have 300 grams of salami?
Of course! How do you want it cut?
Please slice the salami.
What else can I get for you?
How much is your top sirloin steak?
It is 27 starlings per kilogram.
Okay. I will take one kilogram of top sirloin steak.
Excellent choice! These top sirloin steak will be brilliant.
I plan to eat it for Sunday dinner tomorrow.
That will taste good. Is there anything else I can get for you?
No, I believe that will be all.
Okay, Jack can bring up your total at the register.

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