Why are they arguing?
They are fighting over a girl.
Luna Lovegood!
Luna Lovegood? Why her?
I guess they fancy her.
Well, she is pretty… but strange.
How so?
Have you ever noticed the glasses she wears?
They are very odd.
Well, I hear she's nice.
Oh, she is very nice!
That's what matters.
Yes, that is true.
So, why are they fighting over her.
They each want to ask her to the Yule Ball.
Who asked her first?
No one has yet! That's why they are fighting!
They should play rock, paper, scissors.
Yeah, that would settle it.
You should tell them that!
Maybe I will.
But first, let them vent.
Yeah, that's a good idea. I don't want to get hit!
Why should you! Good luck!
Thanks, I'll need it!

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