Agreeing and Refusing

Hey, would you like to take a survey?
Oh yes.
Thanks, my survey is about your opinions on certain topics.
Your welcome.
Let's begin. Would you keep a wallet that was left on the ground or return it to the rightful owner?
I would not keep the wallet, and I would return it to the owner.
Next question: Would you accept a reward from the owner?
Yes, I would accept it.
Would you agree to help out your community through manual labor?
Yes, since it's the right thing to do.
Would you refuse addictive drugs if they given to you?
Yes, I would refuse.
Would you agree to going around the world for a few years?
No, I would refuse because I have family around me.
Do you like eating spicy food or would you ever eat it occasionally if given the chance?
No, I refuse to eat spicy food because I dislike it.
Would you volunteer in your local hospital along with strangers?
Yes, since my father and I used to work in a hospital.
Would you want to earn money through having a singing career?
Yes, I strongly agree to start a singing career since I love singing.
Would you refuse or agree to test newly created drugs by doctors?
I would refuse because I would not know the side effects it would have.
This is the last question: Would you agree or refuse to changing your name?
I would refuse to change my name because it is basically my identity.
Thank you for participating in my survey.
Your welcome.

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