Time Travel

Do you believe in time travel?
Yes, I guess I do. Why?
I'm writing an essay on the subject.
That sounds fun.
It is. I've learned that time travel to the past is impossible.
What about the future?
Well, thats a different story.
There have been some promising studies that show it's possible.
That is mind blowing!
Yes, but the science backs up the claims!
How would they do it?
Well, someone would have to build a time machine.
Yeah, thats the tricky part.
Yes it is. But once it's built, anything is possible!
Where would you want to travel if you could?
I'd want to travel back in time to see famous events.
Like what?
I don't know? The birth of Christ maybe! Or the sinking of the Titanic.
Yeah, you could warn them about the iceberg!
I never thought of that!
You could be a hero!
Yes, I would be a hero!
You could save thousands of lives!
I better get working on that time machine!
I can't wait until you make one!
Me either!

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