The Taxi

Can you take me to seventh Street and Michigan Avenue?
Sure buddy, hop in the back.
Thanks, I wanted to avoid the rain.
Good thing you caught me, I almost passed you.
Thanks again. I didn't want to get rained on.
The weather man says, “It's going to rain hard all afternoon!”
Now, I'm headed to work a 10 hour shift.
What kind of work do you do, sir?
I work for the Detroit Fire Department.
Wow, so you fight fires?
Yeah, I have for 20 years.
That's an amazing job!
It is, but it's dangerous.
How does your family feel about it?
They hate it! They are afraid for me.
I understand!
But, I only have three more years and I'll retire.
What will you do then?
I don't know, maybe drive a taxi.
Really? Why?
I'd love to do what you do.
It is a neat job.
I love people, so I would love to talk to new people everyday.
Then a taxi driver is a perfect job for your retirement years.
Well, that's my plan, my family will like that better too!
They will! We are at the Fire Department.
Thanks for the ride buddy, take care!

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