The Party

This party is really fun.
How long will it last?
My friend said it will last until midnight.
What do they have to eat in the fridge?
I think they have submarine sandwiches.
That's great!
Yeah, I love them too!
Are you going to stay the entire night?
I was planning on it!
Me too!
Why do you ask?
Can you give me a ride home?
Sure, where do you live?
I live right across the street from the mall.
Okay, I'm driving right past that anyway!
Good, maybe we can stop and get something to eat.
Won't you eat here at the party?
I'm not hungry now, but I will be later.
That makes sense!
Hey look, they have cheese and crackers!
Sweet! I love them!
Let's go and get a plate!
This is going to be a great party!
I know, it has that kind of feeling to it!

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