The Camp

The fire is already going strong.
I've been working on it for hours.
You've done a good job.
Yeah, I was a boy scout for 10 years!
Really? So was I!
Boy Scouts helped me become a man.
Why do you say?
I learned right from wrong and they kept me out of trouble.
They did the same for me.
The boy scouts is a great organization.
Say, are we going to roast some marshmallows today?
That's a good idea!
I have a bag in our tent!
Go get them!
Okay, you find some sticks.
Marshmallows over a camp fire is the best thing ever.
The only thing better is smores!
What are smores?
You don't know what smores are?
They are roasted marshmallows, with gram crackers and chocolate.
That sounds delicious!
They are!
Well, lets go buy some gram crackers and chocolate.
Okay, let's go!

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