The Beach

The water looks beautiful today!
I know, I've been waiting to hit the beach for weeks!
How hot will it get today?
I've heard as high as 90 degrees.
I'm glad we are at the beach today!
Yeah, if we get hot, we can go swimming!
The kids are going to have a blast too!
Yes, they will. Johnny already said he's building a sandcastle.
Can you hand me the sun tan lotion from my bag.
Sure, do you mind if I use some first.
No, not at all.
Thank you. I'd hate to get a sun burn today!
I know, I had one last year and it hurt so bad.
How long did it take to heal?
It hurt for at least a week or two.
Yeah, now I never leave the home without lotion.
Good idea!
Especially on hot days like today!
Let's set up our towels over here.
Good, this way we are close to the water.
Yes, I may want to jump in at any moment.
We are lucky to have a clear beach today!
I noticed that too! No one is here. I wonder why.
Me too, but I'm going to enjoy the peace!

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