The sale starts at 6 am, what time should we leave?
Let's leave at a half hour before that.
So we can get in line early?
Yes, the new computer is going to draw many people.
I have heard people in New York waiting inline for 24 hours.
That's insane!
I agree, but they want the computer at a lower price.
That's a fair point! But how much is their time worth?
Must be enough to justify waiting in line!
How long have you ever waited in line when you've gone shopping?
I don't know, maybe 10 minutes.
That's not too long!
No, but it still drove me crazy!
I guess you are an impatient guy.
I really am. My wife tells me that all day.
How is Mary?
She is well.
What is she doing today?
She's at the mall shopping with her friend for new makeup.
Oh, how the ladies love their makeup.
Yes, they do. They have to be pretty for us!
Hey, I don't mind!
Me either!
Well, lets get in the car so we can go to the store!
Sounds like a plan!

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