Registering for University

Hi there, what have you been up to lately?
I have been looking for universities to apply to.
Really? So have I!
Cool! For what semester will you apply?
I will apply for the fall semester. How about you?
I will apply for the spring semester. I need to work until then.
Yeah, college can be very expensive.
How are you paying for college?
I am taking loans.
That’s cool. Have you started any applications?
Yes, I have. The applications take a while!
They do! Don’t you have to write essays, too?
Yes, those are hard. I’m not really sure what to write about.
I’m glad I’m not registering until the spring.
Yeah, my applications are due pretty soon.
Are you applying for financial aid?
Yes, but I don’t have to do that until a few months from now.
What else do you have to do?
I have to get recommendations from two people.
Oh, really? Who will you ask?
I think I’ll ask my pastor and my boss at work.
Wow, seems like a lot of work to apply.
I guess so, but it’s definitely worth it.
Oh, okay. I’ll have to ask you to help me when I apply!
Sure, I’ll help you.
Awesome! Good luck!

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