Are you going to vote in the mayor's race?
Yes, I always vote.
Who are you voting for?
That's too private. I don't want to say?
Why not? Are you embarrassed?
No, voting is a private matter.
I disagree. I'm proud of who I've voting for
Oh yeah? Who then?
I'm voting to reelect Mayor Mulder.
Yeah, I like him!
Isn't he from TV?
You are thinking of Fox Mulder, from the X-Files.
Oh yeah.
I'm voting for David Mulder, the Mayor of our city.
Yeah, I'm just playing with you.
I think he's done a great job lowering taxes.
Yeah, that is a good thing. Does he believe in global warming?
No, he thinks the Earth is strong enough to withstand us.
Yeah, he's probably right.
He is, and it's not a popular opinion to have these days!
It's brave of him to make it.
Well, I need to catch my bus so I can go vote!
Okay, take care my friend. Call me when you get home!
I will, I can't wait to see who wins tonight!
Me too!

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