Hey, welcome to the police station. You’re a new officer?
Yeah, I just got hired yesterday.
Cool! You’ll enjoy working here.
What kind of uniforms do we get?
We get blue shirts with black pants. We also get badges.
That sounds neat. What do you usually do?
Most days, I just patrol the city.
How often do you arrest people?
I only arrest people once every few days.
That’s not too bad. Is it scary?
No, it’s usually not that big of a deal.
Has anyone tried to run from you?
Only once or twice. People are usually pretty polite.
Well that’s good. It doesn’t seem like too hard of a job.
You get used to it.
Do we ever get to use police dogs?
We have a K-9 unit, but we don’t use them a lot.
Oh, okay. I’ve always wanted to be a police officer.
Yeah? It’s an honorable job.
Yeah, I like to know I’m helping out.
Well we’re glad to have you!

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