Mind, Body, and Health

Wow, I love relaxing after a long day of work.
Me too! How do you like to relax?
I like to practice yoga.
You do yoga? That’s cool!
Yeah, I have a really nice instructor.
Do you know a lot of different moves?
Yeah, they feel really good, mentally and physically.
I bet. I like to meditate.
Oh really? How do you meditate?
I light candles and close my eyes.
That sounds really peaceful.
It sure is. It’s a great way to escape from stress.
Life can be pretty stressful.
I agree. Everything is more fast-paced in recent years.
Yeah, that’s why it’s nice to relax yourself.
Doing physical exercises like yoga really relaxes the mind, too.
It does. The mind and body are connected in everything.
When I feel good physically, I tend to be in a better mood.
Me too! I hate getting stressed out.
Same. I get really tired and my body aches.
I usually have trouble sleeping when I’m stressed.
Is it because you’re not tired?
No, I just feel really upset and nervous, and it keeps me from sleeping.
Wow, that sounds awful.
It is. It’s a good thing I know how to relax!
Yeah! I like helping other people relax, too.
That’s nice. How do you do that?
A lot of times, people just need to talk about their stress.
That’s true. So you listen to them?
Yes, and I give them advice sometimes too.
That sounds really helpful.
I like to think so, but stress can even be helpful sometimes.
It sure doesn't seem like it.
I think it helps motivate people.
I agree, as long as you’re not getting too stressed out!
Yeah, that’s when you have to relax a bit.
I think I want to go do some relaxing right now.
Cool, I’ll come with you!

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