Makeup, Lotions and Skin Care

I love makeup.
What’s your favorite brand?
I like Maybelline. What about you?
I prefer Mac.
I like Mac’s lipstick, it looks good on me.
What color do you use?
I like pink lipstick the best. What about you?
I like darker colors, like dark red. It also depends on my clothing.
Yeah, I like to change my makeup to match what I’m wearing.
Do you wear a lot of makeup?
Not really, unless it’s a special occasion. What about you?
Neither do I. I don’t want to damage my skin.
Well, I use a lot of skin care products too.
Oh, what kind of skin products do you use?
I use a facial wash and body lotion. How about you?
I use facial packs and sunscreen.
I don’t like sunscreen because I like to get tan.
It’s healthier for your skin to use it. I put it on every day.
I think my husband uses sunscreen.
That’s funny, men aren’t supposed to use makeup or skin care products.
Really? I think it’s okay for men to use makeup.
Interesting. What about plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery isn’t okay for anyone, including women!
Why not?
I think it looks unnatural.
I guess so, but so does makeup.
Not if you apply it correctly.
How do you apply your makeup?
I do a small amount of foundation, then I put on eyeliner, and I finish with lipstick.
You only do a small amount?
Yeah, I try to make it as natural as possible.
That’s nice. Natural beauty really is the best kind.
I agree!

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