Good afternoon!
Hello! Are you looking for a book in particular?
No, not really. I need a book about cats.
Do you want a fiction or nonfiction book?
Nonfiction, please. I want a list of cat breeds
Oh, alright. One moment, please.
Are you looking it up on the computer?
Yes. We have a full database of our collection on the computer.
That’s pretty cool! Did you find anything?
I did, in fact. Here, I’ll write down the call number for you.
Thank you! Sorry, I don’t come to libraries often. This might be hard to find.
It’s fine, I’ll go get it for you.
Thanks! So, how long may I have the book checked out?
You can have the book for three weeks.
How much are fines after that?
Every day you don’t turn it in after 3 weeks, you’re charged 10 cents.
Oh, okay. I’ll try to get it in then!
Do you have a library card?
I sure do! Here it is.
Awesome, will that be the only book for you today?
Actually, I think I’ll browse for a little bit.
Alright. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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