Hey there, how are you?
Good, how about you?
I’m good. Do you come to the Laundromat often?
Yeah, I come about once a week. How about you?
I come about once every two weeks. I have a lot of clothes.
Oh, okay. Yeah, it looks like you have a lot.
Yeah, my light-colored clothes are over there, and my dark clothes are here.
I see. I don’t separate mine.
Don’t the colors fade and stain?
Not really. I use mild laundry detergent.
Oh, I use strong detergent so I know my clothes are really clean.
That makes sense. What about white clothes? Do you separate those, too?
I sure do! I hate when they change color.
Yeah, me too. I separate my white clothing.
I think most people do. It’s not too much trouble.
Laundry actually isn’t so bad.
Yeah, I like the smell and feel of freshly clean clothes.
Me too! I bet it costs quite a bit to wash all of those clothes, though.
Yeah, it does. I try to come here only when I need to.
Alright, looks like my laundry is done. I’ll see you later!
Okay, bye!

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