I miss my home country.
So do i. Why did you immigrate here?
I wanted better opportunities to provide for myself and for my family. What about you?
I’m the same. Do you think immigration is a good thing?
I do! I think it helps both the immigrant and the country.
How so?
The country becomes more diverse. The immigrant has new opportunities.
Some people think immigration is bad.
Yeah, I know. I don’t understand why.
Well, I think that too many immigrants can be dangerous.
Yeah, there should be a limit on immigrants to countries.
That might be harsh on them.
Maybe, but for the most part, immigrants are treated pretty well.
Yeah, this country treats its immigrants well.
I’m glad that this country lets immigrants retain their culture.
Me too. Learning a new language is hard, though.
Yeah, sometimes I wish I didn't have to learn English.
Oh well. At least immigrants get rights.
That’s true. Do you think immigrants should get all the rights that native-born citizens get?
I think so. What about you?
I don’t think so. That’s not fair to the native-born citizens.
There shouldn’t be a difference as long as the immigrant is legal.
Yeah, illegal immigration can be a big problem.
What can countries do about illegal immigrants?
I think they should be given opportunities to become legal.
Should they be kicked out?
If they want to become a citizen, no.
Sometimes it’s hard to become a citizen.
It can be. It’s also hard to become a part of the new culture.
Yeah. It’s good to have a mix of your culture and your new country’s culture.
I agree.
Sometimes I think immigration rules are too strict.
I don’t think they are.
Why not?
They should be strict because a country can’t handle too many immigrants.
That does make sense. Immigration is wonderful thing, though!
Yes it is.

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