Hey, how are you doing?
A lot better. Thanks for coming to visit me.
No problem. I brought you some flowers, and a get well card.
Wow, thanks. How is everyone else?
They’re doing fine. You’re the only one left in the hospital.
Oh okay. I should be getting out soon.
Oh, really?
Yeah. I only broke my arm and scraped up my head a bit.
Sounds painful. What exactly happened?
Well, my family was coming home from a trip.
Did you hit something with your car?
Yeah, we hit a deer.
Was it late at night?
Yeah. My dad was pretty tired from driving.
How is he?
He’s okay. He didn't break any bones, but he cut his head.
Oh, that’s why he had stitches on his head.
Yeah. Everyone else is fine.
That’s good. So, what’s it like staying in a hospital?
It’s not too bad. The food is gross.
Oh, really? I’ll have to bring you some tomorrow.
That would be great. They also have a library.
That’s cool, do you go there a lot?
Not really. It’s on the other side of the hospital.
Oh, okay. Well, I have to go, but I’ll come back tomorrow. When are visiting hours?
You can come at 9 AM.
Okay. See you then!

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