Hair Salon

Hi there, how may I help you?
Hi, can I just get a simple haircut?
Sure, come right this way!
So, how much do you want me to cut?
Oh, I don’t know. I just want a trim.
How about I cut two inches off? I’ll get rid of those split ends.
Okay, sounds good.
So, do you live around here?
Yeah, I live across the street actually.
Oh, that’s convenient.
Yes it is.
There, does that side look good?
Yeah, it does. It’s looking great so far.
Alright, almost done.
There we go! Let me grab another mirror.
Here you go! How does it look?
It looks perfect, thank you very much!
No problem. Would you like me to blow-dry your hair too?
No thanks.
Alright, that’ll be $16.
Sounds good, here you go! Keep the change.
Thank you very much! We hope to see you again!

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