Dogs and Cats

So, I was thinking of getting a pet.
Have you ever had a pet before?
No, I haven’t.
what kind of pet do you want.
I’m not sure. I want either a dog or a cat.
Which do you like better?
Well, I really like cats but dogs are easier to train.
That’s true. But cats can wash themselves, and are very independent.
Yeah, dogs are usually pretty dependant.
Certain breeds are smarter than others.
Really? Like what?
Well, I think Pugs are really intelligent.
Do you have a pet Pug dog?
Yes, I do. He’s really smart, but also timid.
He sounds cute! Does he have a dog house?
Yeah, I built it myself.
Really? How did you do that?
I bought a doghouse building kit. It’s wooden.
That’s pretty cool.
Do you know if you want a dog or a cat yet?
I’m still not sure.
I think you should get a cat.
Okay, what kind of cat should I get?
There are a lot of different breeds of cat.
My favorite breed is the Calico.
You should get a Calico cat!
Okay! Sounds good.

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