Excuse me? Could you come here for a second?
Sure. What do you need?
I’m a bit lost; could you help me? I’ve been driving awhile.
Sure thing! I can give you directions; I know this area well.
What a relief! That would be really helpful.
No problem. Where are you headed?
I need to find a gas station; my car is low on gas.
Alright. Go down this road you’re on for about 2 more miles.
Okay. Is it on this road?
No. Take the third left and go for about half a mile.
Okay, is it on the left or the right side of the road?
It will be on the right.
What does it look like?
It has a red roof. You can’t miss it.
Awesome, thanks! How do I get the highway from there?
Take a right out of the gas station and go two miles.
Awesome! Thanks, hopefully I won’t get lost.
Where are you going, anyway?
I’m going to the beach!
You’re actually not that far. On the highway, you’ll reach it in no time.
Oh, really? That’s awesome.
Yeah. It should be the third or fourth exit off of the highway.
That’s great. There will be signs too, right?
Yeah; look for the green signs that say Beach. They’ll take you right to it.
Perfect! I’m not lost after all! Thanks.
No problem! Have fun at the beach!

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