Wow, I love computers.
Really? They’re kind of confusing to me.
I’m good with computers. I own one and use the internet every day.
That’s cool, what sites do you like to visit?
I like video sites like Youtube and Google Video. What about you?
I prefer social networking sites, like Facebook and Myspace. I like being able to talk to my friends online.
I also like news sites like BBC World News and Fox News.
That’s cool.
See, computers aren’t that confusing! What kind do you have?
I have a laptop. I like it because I can carry it around with me and do my homework on it.
I do my homework on my computer too, but mine is a desktop.
That’s cool. Do you know how much memory your computer has?
No, but I think it’s pretty good. Yours probably has a lot of memory, right?
Yeah, it does. It’s also a Mac, made by Apple.
Oh, I have a Dell computer. It uses Windows.
My parents both use Windows. They like it better.
Yeah, my parents like Windows too. It’s easier for them, and I am more used to it. That’s why I use it now.
I had a Dell computer, but the screen was only 12 inches, So I got a Mac that was 18 inches instead.
Do you like 18 inches?
Yeah, it’s easier to see what I’m doing on the computer.
I bet! I’ve never gotten a new computer or upgraded mine at all.
Oh, really? I’ve upgraded my Mac a few times.
Mac’s look pretty cool. Hey, do you think you could help me with my English homework on the computer?
Sure! I always do my homework on the computer. I can help you.
Awesome, thanks! English will be much more fun to learn on the computer!

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