Hey, do you want to go to the mall? I want to buy some new clothes.
Sure, but I don’t like to spend too much on clothes. How much do you spend?
I like expensive clothes.
Oh, well we can go to expensive places but I don’t want to spend too much.
Don’t you think it’s important for people to wear nice clothing?
Yes, but I don’t think it’s necessary to spend a lot of money for it.
That makes sense. How about jewelry? Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
Yeah, I like jewelry. We should stop at some jewelry stores.
What kind?
I like small, cute jewelry. What about you?
Sometimes I do too. I also like flashy gold jewelry. I have a really expensive gold necklace.
That’s cool. My most expensive fashion item is probably my leather boots.
You like leather boots? I prefer heels.
Boots are more comfortable, and they can be really stylish.
I am excited for our shopping trip!
Me too! I love buying new clothes.
Me too. I also like just window shopping. Sometimes I prefer not buying anything.
Yeah, browsing is nice. Hey, maybe while we’re out, we can stop at a fabric store.
Why? Do you know how to sew?
I do! I like to make my own clothes sometimes.
that’s really cool! What do you make?
I make blouses, sweaters, scarves, gloves…
I love gloves! I own a ton. I have a really nice leather pair.
I think gloves look really good on people.
I do too. They look especially good with long coats, but I don’t like wearing long coats because I’m short.
They would probably look good on my mom, she’s really tall.
Yeah, probably. They also look good if you wear high heels with them.
Yeah, but high heels are sort of going out of style.
Are they really? What kind of shoes are in style now?
Flats and boots are in style.
Oh, okay. Hey, maybe I should get my nose pierced while we’ re at the mall. What do you think?
I don’t like nose piercings, but my friend has one.
I already have my ears pierced multiple times.
Oh, really? I only have one piercing in each ear.
Yeah, I have three in each ear, and my belly button is pierced.
That’s pretty cool. What color is the piercing?
It’s a green gem on a silver bar.
Sounds cute. I love wearing green, it looks good on me.
My favorite color to wear is black. You know what they say – black is slimming!
This is true! I have a lot of black formal clothing.
Do you dress up a lot?
Yeah, I do. I like dressing up!
I don’t like dressing up because most formal clothing is uncomfortable.
Yeah, but it’s so cute!
I suppose. Hey, we should get going.
Alright, let’s go shopping!

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