Hey, do you like this classroom?
Yeah, it’s small, clean, and new. I also like my classmates and my teacher.
I agree, but I would like to have more than one teacher because I learn better that way.
So do I. I don’t like having assigned seats either.
I agree! I don’t think the teacher should assign seats to students because I like to sit with my friends.
Me too. I do like the classroom though.
Yeah, it’s small and pretty relaxed. I like the layout, too.
The layout is okay. I think it’d be better if all the desks faced forward and the teacher’s desk was at the front and corner, facing the students.
Well, that’s easier to do when there are less students.
Yeah, I like classrooms with few students because I feel like I learn better.
Me too. So, what bothers you about the classroom?
Well, sometimes it is too hot.
I also don’t like the desks; they are uncomfortable.
I don’t like the homework or classwork when it is too hard, and I don’t like the chalkboard because it is too small.
Yeah, If I could, I would get a bigger chalkboard.
And I’d get some more comfortable desks!
What would make them more comfortable?
Well, the desks would be movable so we could sit where we wanted, and they wouldn’t be attached to the chairs.
If I could improve the classroom, I would also make the air conditioning system better.
I think we should get more breaks from studying. We spend way too much time in here.
Agreed! We’re in here at least 6 hours every day.
I wish we changed classrooms more often because I get bored easily. What do you do to pass the time?
When I get bored, I stare out the window for hours.
Even though I get bored, I still think the classroom is a good place to study because it is usually quiet.
I think it’s too quiet. At least, it is where I sit.
You sit in the front, don’t you? You sit with all the smart kids.
Yeah. You sit closer to the back, correct?
I do. I like where I sit because I sit next to the window, and the students that sit around me are nice.
Even though you’re in the back, they’re still pretty smart, and they pay attention.
We should probably pay more attention.
Yeah, class isn’t that bad.
I agree. Let’s go!


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