Car Rental

Hello, how may I help you?
Hi there, I’d like to rent a car.
Alright, how long will you need it?
I’ll only need it for three days.
Okay, what kind of car would you like?
What kind of cars do you have?
We have sedans, trucks, vans…
I’d like a sedan, please.
Alright. Have you ever rented a car before?
No, I haven’t.
What is your reason for renting?
Well, my other car is in the shop right now.
Oh, okay. A lot of people rent cars when theirs is broken.
I bet. My sister rented a car when she was on vacation.
Yes, a lot of people do that also. Alright, you said you wanted a sedan…
Can I choose the make and model of the rental?
Well, we have a Toyota Corolla in black, red, silver, and navy blue.
Can I have the silver one?
Sure! Here are the keys to the car.
Thanks! What time do I have to bring it back?
It needs to come back by noon of the third day.
What if I’m late?
If it’s late, then we will charge you for another day.
Alright. Thanks again!
Thank you! Drive safely.

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