At The Restaurant

Good evening sir and madam. Can I get you some drinks to start off?
Sure! I’d like some water; she would like some tea.
Alright. And have you decided what to order yet?
Yes, we have. I will take the steak, please.
Okay. How would you like that cooked, and what sides would you like?
I would like it medium rare, please. May I have corn and mashed potatoes with it?
Yes you may. And for the missus?
She’ll have the spaghetti, please.
Alright. Would you like garlic bread with that?
Yes, she would.
Alright, I’ll bring it in a moment.
Thank you!
Here is your steak, and here is your spaghetti. I hope you enjoy your meals!
Wow, this steak is really good. It’s tender and juicy.
Really? This spaghetti is okay. The sauce is a little too salty.
Oh, that’s too bad. How is your drink?
It’s really good. There’s the perfect amount of sugar in it.
That’s good. The mashed potatoes are a little dry.
Maybe they cooked them for too long.
Probably. How’s your garlic bread?
It’s delicious! It goes really well with the spaghetti.
That’s good. Waiter, may I have the check?
Sure; here it is.
Alright, here is my credit card.
Thank you, sir.
Hey honey, do you have change for a tip?
Yeah, I do. Here’s $8.
Perfect. We’re ready to go, then.
Thank you, sir and madam! Please come again soon!

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