An Invitation to Lunch

Hey, what’s up?
Not a lot; how are you?
I’m good. Do you want to go out later today?
Sure! Where do you want to go?
Maybe we can get some lunch.
Sure, that sounds good. Where should we eat?
We could go to that Diner, near your house.
We could, but we always go there.
Yeah, that’s true. I want to try something else.
How about the pizza place in town?
Their pizza is so good.
Yeah, it is! It’s kind of far away, though.
Yeah, and it’s really expensive, especially for pizza!
Yeah, I’d rather go somewhere a bit cheaper, to be honest.
There’s nothing wrong with saving money!
Hey, why don’t we try that new cafĂ© that just opened?
Yeah, I hear they make really good sandwiches.
Their coffee is supposed to be really good, too!
Hopefully it won’t cost too much.
I don’t think it’s that expensive.
Awesome. When do you want to meet?
Well, I could come pick you up if you like.
That would be great! What time?
I’ll come get you around 1:00 PM.
Sounds great. See you then!
See you!

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