The Rain Delay

I can't believe we got tickets to the baseball game!
I know, I've wanted to see the team play all year.
It's too bad they are in last place.
That's okay, I just love the game.
Yeah, that's true.
Do you think the game will start on time?
I don't know.
The rain has been coming down fairly strong.
I hope they get the game in.
Yes, it would be a shame if we wasted our Sunday.
It's not a waste, we are together!
Yes, that is a wonderful point.
And, even if they don't play baseball, it's nice to be outside.
Yes, I do enjoy the rain.
Do you know who is pitching today?
Well, I hope it's Dean Thomas.
I thought he played another sport?
Yeah, but he plays baseball now too.
What's his record so far this year?
He's won ?ve games and lost two.
That's not bad at all for a rookie!
Yeah, the team could go places with this kid on the mound.
How fast can he throw?
He's been clocked at 99 miles per hour.
That's amazing!
I sure hope they play now, I'd love to see him.
Me too my friend. Me too.

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