The Mall

What kind of stores should we go to?
I don't care, we should try and go to them all!
I think we'd be really tired if we did that!
It would still be fun!
Remember last time we went to the mall?
Yes, we shopped all day!
Yeah, we should do that again!
I'm ready, I just need something to eat first.
What do you feel like eating?
Nothing special.
We should just grab some hamburgers on the way.
No, I don't want any hamburgers.
What about tacos?
Tacos make my stomach hurt.
What about breakfast?
Like what?
We could stop and get some pancakes.
Yeah, pancakes sounds good.
I know a great breakfast dinner, next to the mall.
Perfect! We can go shopping right afterwards!
Wonderful! Sounds like a plan to me!
Now we just need to stop at the bank and get some money
Yes, money is important when we're going shopping!
How much should I get out?
I think if you took out $200 that would be enough.
And, I still owe you $50.00.
Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me.
We are going to have fun today!

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