Post Office

Hi, I’d like to mail a package.
Alright, how big is it?
It’s about one cubic foot, and it weighs ten pounds.
Alright, let’s check those measurements.
Yep, you were about right. Now, do you have enough stamps?
Yeah, I put three. It’s going across the country.
Oh, okay. That should be enough.
Awesome. So, How much will it cost?
It will cost $8.
Alright, here you go!
Thanks. SO, do you come to the post office a lot?
Not really. I usually just mail letters from my home.
Yeah, that’s what most people do.
I like sending mail to my friends; it’s more fun than email.
I agree! I don’t like getting advertisements, though.
Me neither.
Do you get the newspaper?
No, I don’t.
You should really sign up for it.
Can I do that here?
Awesome. The news can be pretty interesting.
Yeah, the comics are funny too.
Thanks for all your help!
No problem, come again soon!

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