Hockey Game

I'd love to play hockey with you sometime.
That sounds good.
I've never played before.
It's my favorite sport.
What are the basic rules?
Well, you need five players per team, plus a goalie.
What does the goalie do?
His job is to stop the puck from going in the net?
Is that important?
It's the most important thing in the entire game.
That's how you win?
Correct, the team with the most goals wins.
Can there be ties?
Yes, you can tie, but you could also play a shootout.
You can pick either one?
Yes, you have to decided before the game starts, however.
What about the championship game?
What about it?
You can't tie a championship game, you need a winner.
That is true.
What do you do then?
In a championship game, you play until someone breaks the tie.
How long could that last?
It would last as long as it takes for a team to break the score.
Oh, that make senses.
I can't wait to play!

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