Hi. Are you new to the neighborhood?
Yes. I just moved in last week.
I remember seeing the moving truck. Did you move from far away?
Not really. My old house was a 40 minute drive from here.
That's not too bad.
No, it made the move a little easier.
Do you have any children?
I do. I have two boys. One is 8 and the other is 6.
I have a 7 year old son.
I will have to bring my boys over to meet your son.
That's a good idea. There is a park nearby where they can play.
They would love that.
This is a good neighborhood. It's quiet, doesn't have a lot of traffic and it's safe for the kids to play.
That's reassuring to hear.
I think you'll enjoy it here, too. I can introduce you to some of the other neighbors.
I would appreciate that.
Why don't you come over tomorrow for lunch? We can visit while the boys play.
I would enjoy that. Is there anything I can bring for lunch?
A salad would be good. I made cinnamon rolls this morning. We can have them for dessert.
My boys will be so excited. They are looking forward to making new friends.
Well, they will have plenty of new friends soon. There are a lot of children in the neighborhood.
Thank you for the invitation.
You're welcome. I always try to make new neighbors feel at home.
See you tomorrow then.
Ok. Have a good evening.
You too.

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