Your yard looks beautiful Bob.
Thank you, I've been working hard on it.
What do you do to make it so green?
A lot of different things!
Can you tell me a few?
The best thing to do is to water it every day?
Every day? Are you sure?
Yes, the more water, the better!
Okay, what else?
Also, you need to cut your grass at least every four to five days.
Why is that important.
Because it will keep killing the weeds in the yard!
Oh yeah!
Also, make sure you edge and weed-whack the extra grass.
Why do you do that?
It makes the grass look pretty from the street.
That make sense.
I'm pretty proud of my yard!
You should be! It could win contests!
You think so? Maybe I should enter some!
You should! You'd be the favorite to win in my view.
I'll have to find some!
Look in the yellow pages!
Thank you, I will!
Good luck, I know you'll take home first place.

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